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Above  is  a  sample  of  a  print,  mat,  and  frame:  "The Corcoran Gallery of Art," Main Entrance, Washington, DC, 1992.
As of 2018, the Corcoran Gallery of Art is now the "Corcoran School of the Arts and Design."

This print has no border.  Pigment print (mixed media), image size: 10 3/8" x 14 1/8" on a 13" x 19" cotton rag paper and framed with a red aluminum entrance pin  (rare).

Dark brown/black wooden frame w/glass (will change to plexiglass when purchased). This print is "hinged" on a 100 % museum rag mat with museum backing, 29" x 32 5/8."
$500.00 plus shipping and insurance.  $250.00 with out frame + shipping & insurance  (NEW SALE PRICE, 2023).



Two  Samples:  A print without a border on the left, and, a print with a border on the right (actual full frame negative showing the film base, my file number and date).
"Holiday Inn Sign" with Count Basi (misspelled) on Marque. Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia, 1984.  Image sizes are approximate 12" x 10" on 19" x 13" pigment prints.
Prints are for sale at $250 each plus shipping and insurance.  Note: The copyright symbol and date stamp (as shown) will not be on finished prints.



This is a sample of a gelatin silver print with no border. This image is from Bruce Taylor's "Atlanta Down Under Series."
Copyright notice and date are not on printed on the actual photographs.  Title of this print above is: "Self Portrait," View Looking South, about 86 feet below the surface (Midtown)
(twenty minute exposure, including reciprocity), Atlanta, Georgia, 1984.
Image size: 8" x 10" on 11" x 14," Ilford - "Ilfobrom," printed June, 1984.  This print is for sale.  $350.00 plus shipping and insurance.


A recent print purchase and installation by Kyle Varnedoe of Atlanta, Georgia, 2021.  Images from Bruce Taylor's  "Atlanta Down Under" series.


Another recent print and frame installation, 2022.  "The City, 2022" (highlighted).   Image size 18" h x 15" with warm tone Piezography K-7 pigment inks on Canson paper, matted and framed.
Frame: 39 3/8" x 26 3/8."   To see a better image of this print, click here and go down about 1/4 of this page in    "Bruce W. Taylor Archives."



A general note on archived (stock) prints: From the images displayed on my website,  I will be glad to send you a higher resolution of the image you would like to buy - just let me know. "Vintage" gelatin silver prints are available on most images above (website) and are mostly 8 x 10 inches (image size) and larger on 11" x 14" cold and warm tone photographic papers and printed by Bruce W. Taylor.  Please note that during my photographic career, I only took ONE negative of each scene (and very rare a color negative).  NO multiple negatives or transparencies were made except maybe when a movement was made or of images from 35 mm or 2 1/4" formats.  "Meticulous Exactitude."

All gelatin silver prints have been archivally processed (some toned with selenium and gold metals) and are unmounted.  You can still order gelatin silver prints of any size today, but won't be printed by me (Bruce W. Taylor), just supervised.  The word "archival" or "archivally processed" was a photographic process for film and print permanence as special chemicals and processing were involved.  Mainly used for print and film longevity lasting over 100 years.


Most ink-jet images are printed on either 11" x 17" or 13" x 19" pigment paper. Image size varies.  I use Canson Rag Photographique (210 g/m) paper which is a 100% cotton rag paper. Images are printed with Epson UltraChrome K3 inks (1).  Images and prints above (website) from color and black and white negatives can be ordered and printed up to 30 x 40 inches.  "Vintage" color prints from above (website) are Kodak "Ektacolor" (chromogenic) prints of the same size (8 x 10 inch on 11 x 14 and larger). Contact me for exact size and price.  Thanks.


Most stock images above (website) are $350.00 each (2022) for a 11" x 14" gelatin silver print and $250.00 (2022) each for 13" x 19" pigment prints (1), plus shipping.  Discounts will be given for multiple purchases within the same order.  I will note different prices if unusual size or type print. I will personally guarantee your satisfaction with the print of your choosing or liking.  Please note that I am a small production printer, only making 2 to 3 prints on images you see on my website.  Reprints are available.   Please ask for prices.  NFS =  NOT FOR SALE.


"PRINT BORDERS"  Refers to a full frame image of the negative or positive film that shows the clear film base. When printed, this area of the negative/positive will go very dark gray or black. With all of my photography, I labeled (with India ink) each negative or positive with my file number (job or image number) and date. With digital images, there's no film, no film base, and no labeling to be done, so I sometimes surround the printed image with a thin black line or border. (1)


(1)  The longevity of this combination  (Canson Rag Photographique paper with Epson UltraChrome K3 inks)  is 69 years (Wilhelm Research, 2020) before any color changes are noticed.

Other papers (Hahnemuhle and Epson) I have used, have about the same longevity.  In typical indoor situations; “Displayed Prints Framed Under Glass” test condition is considered the single most important of the three display conditions listed.
All prints intended for long-term display should be framed under glass or plastic to protect them from staining, image discoloration, and other deterioration caused by prolonged exposure to cigarette smoke, cooking fumes, insect residues, and other airborne contaminants; this precaution applies to traditional gelatin silver halide black and white and color photographs, as well as inkjet, dye-sub and other types of digital prints.


In 2015, Mr. Taylor's archives or collection was fully appraised by Ms. Jane Cofer of Atlanta, Georgia. Her company, Art Matters, LLC is a qualified art collection management business, handling fine art appraising and collections and art advisors.
Art Matters, LLC specializes in fine art and photographic images.


Please note:  I do not participate in any form of social media.  I initially prefer to communicate on a one-to-one basis by e-mail or phone.  I do respond to all e-mail queries that deals with sales and some technical details that involves photography or digital (film & prints). Thank you.


Beginning in January of 2024, I am opening my print files for viewing to businesses and individuals.  Within my archives, I have fifteen (15) archival boxes of prints ready for viewing.  These boxes of prints range from gelatin silver and digital.  Sizes are 11" x 14," 11" x 17," 13" x 19," 16" x 20" and 20" x 24."  Appointments must be made for the afternoon only, located in Atlanta, Georgia.  Please send an e-mail for an appointment.




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